4th Health Update

February 4th, 2013

4th Update on Medical Treatment:


I have undertaken 4 weeks of radiotherapy treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. Generally, I feel fine and healthy. There are no complications from radiotherapy treatment.


After 7 courses of chemotherapy treatment, the specialists are concerned that the liver will be overburdened, especially when platelets are showing a high reading. Hence, the Hospital has proposed that chemotherapy treatment be halted for the time being. The oncologist has assured that I am not worse off without chemotherapy treatment.


My swallowing functions are now normal.


I have a mild infection to the throat. This sore throat is causing speech problem. However, there is no slur in speech as was happening in November 2012.


During the treatment, I suffered from hiccups which affect my sleep. But generally I am well rested.


I am positive and hopeful for a full recovery. I ask all members and supporters to keep hopes high. I wish to thank them for their concern.


The lunar New Year is around the corner. My treatment in Singapore will extend beyond the Chinese New Year festival. Because of the fact that there is possibility of decreased immune system I regret to inform that my family and I will not have open house during this CNY.


I wish all members, supporters and friends a fruitful and cheerful CNY.


Wong Ho Leng



3rd Health Update

January 26th, 2013

Press Release by Wong Ho Leng on 26th January 2013


After 3 weeks of radiotherapy treatment and 7 course of chemotherapy treatment, I feel fine and healthy. There are no complications. I reiterate that I am hopeful for a full recovery. I thank all members and supporters for their concern.


I also wish to thank the SUPP for their letter dated 14th January 2013 by their Secretary General Dr. Sim Kui Hian expressing best wishes and speedy recovery. It only shows that illness transcends political boundaries.


I wish to report that my swallowing functions are back to normal. Though my voice is coarse, my speech functions have recovered, and there is no more slur compared to the November days of last year.


According to the regiment of treatment, my chemotherapy treatment was halted for 2 weeks in order not to overtax the liver functions. Chemotherapy treatment is expected to recommence next week.


During my period of absence, irresponsible journalism has reared its ugly head. This irresponsible journalism had taken place in the form of libel and absolute falsehoods, all calculated to tarnish the image of our leaders at the national levels, especially the Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng, the Secretary General of the DAP. One clear example of absolute falsehood by the newspapers involved the alleged complaint by my wife that she complained about the Party not helping financially to support my treatment. My wife has never complained against the Party. She was never approached by any reporter from the NST. Every sentence written by NST in the article constitutes falsehood. This type of irresponsible journalism must be condemned and my wife reserves all her legal rights in the matter.


Since 12th January 2013 I have designated the following persons as my spokesperson in Sarawak and journalists should have little difficulty contacting them. My wife Irene is one of them. David Wong and Chong Chieng Jen are the other 2.


I wish to record that Party Leaders not only extend their well wishes but also on their own accord give financial support towards my medical costs. However, I have told them in no unequivocal terms that my treatments would be sufficiently covered by my medical insurance. Hence I also wish to tell my well-wishers and supporters that there is no need to set up a special fund.


Health Update

January 12th, 2013

Press Release by Wong Ho Leng, MP Sibu, ADUN Bukit Assek:

On 20th December 2012 Neurosurgeons in Gold Coast, Australia, found a glioma that has no place in my brain stem.


The glioma is primary, in the sense it is not spread from elsewhere.


The glioma caused slur in my speech and impaired my swallowing functions. It has to be treated.


After seeking 2nd opinions from local neurosurgeons, I am receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments in Singapore, beginning 8th January 2013 for a duration of 6 weeks.


Though the treatment is only at an early stage, I have felt the healing process. I am now feeling a lot better. I am positive of full recovery. I know I am not walking alone. With God’s grace and your prayers I am certain I can soar above the storms.


I am thankful to those who have phoned to show concern and sent me well wishes. I ask for forgiveness that I am unable to reply all.


I also thank members and supporters and faithful who have been praying for me and my family when they came to know about my illness.


I urge my members and supporters not to be distraught or despair but to turn this episode into strength. Our mission is political transformation. It cannot be achieved by one person but collective effort, from all members, supporters, plus more.


I promise that I will continue to be in the thick and thin of this 13th general election and lead this battle in Sarawak against the BN. The country is rotting under the BN. Every grain of effort must be put in to see a change in the Government at Putrajaya. We must work on the bigger picture, the future of our nation, our children and the future generations.


I pledge that whether in sickness or in health, I will continue to stand with you, in this general election and beyond.


Health is wealth. I have a clean bill of health until now. With your prayers and support I promise, one day when I am fully recovered, to tell all of you the journey I am going through.


During my treatment I shall be unable to attend to my duties. My sincere apologies to my constituents. I ask for your understanding. During my treatment, please refer to David Wong and Yap Hoi Liong who are serving ADUNs of the DAP. My legal office, my Service Centre and my Secretaries Alice Lau and Oscar Ling will be more than willing to extend assistance that you may require.


Wong Ho Leng


Debate Speech on Budget 2013

November 27th, 2012

Debate Speech on Budget 2013 on 23rd Nov. 2012 (Amended from the Hansard)


Y.B. Encik Wong Ho Leng: Thank you Tuan Speaker. I hope you all can bear with me. My voice is not very strong today because of flu for the past week. I will be replying to Ahli Yang Berhormat for Nangka. I‘ll be asking, I am hoping that the Senior Minister from Bawang Assan, please stay and listen, do not ‘cabut’ from this Dewan.


Comments on Development Biased Budget


Tuan Speaker, I have few comments to make before I reply to Ahli Yang Berhormat for Nangka. The first will be my observations or some comments on the Budget.


The budget is development biased with 69% to be spent for development and 31% for operating expenditure.


Credit must be given to where credit is due. To have a development biased budget for our economy as a matter of fact is the correct approach. This is especially so because our State has to catch up with the more developed states in West Malaysia.


When Sarawak joined to form Malaysia in 1963, we were one of the poorest states in Malaysia. We are still the 4th poorest despite the fact that God has blessed Sarawak with abundant resources.


The Chief Minister himself had said in this Dewan that our State‘s industry in 2011 or 2012 is in fact at the stage of the industry of West Malaysia in the 1980‘s. The Honourable Member for Asajaya also said before, that our infrastructures are lagging behind Peninsular Malaysia by some 20 years.


We must spend, because we have some distance to catch up with others. We must spend properly and responsibly, so that development funds do not end up in the pockets of ruthless politicians.


Tuan Speaker, Ahli Yang Berhormat for Nangka said, “look at our ulu people, we must look after our ulu people. Sarawak must be developed”. I fully agree with you. But look at SCORE. The Barisan Nasional Government equates SCORE as an engine of growth in Sarawak. At SCORE we have Bakun Dam, Murum Dam and Baram Dam. How much of this new energy is to be channelled to the ulu population centres, Tuan Speaker? I must say zero, zero unit will be channelled to the ulu population centres. The ulu population could not be connected to the energy grid. That is answer number one for you. Wait for more later.


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Know Your Constituencies

November 4th, 2012



Constituency   in Sarawak




(sq.   m)

Voters (as at 30   June 2012) Voters   (as at state election on 16.4.2011)
Ordinary Postal Total
N.1   Opar 1,010 9,207 6 9,213 8,099
N.2   Tasik Biru 471 16,070 136 16,206 15,100
P.192 MAS GADING 1,481     25419 24188
N.3   Tanjong Datu 905 8,918 162 9,080 7,936
N.4   Pantai Damai 373 15,447 18 15,465 14,104
N.5   Demak Laut 223 11,681 2 11,683 10,437
P.193 SANTUBONG 1,501     36228 32477
N.6   Tupong 101 19,873 49 19,922 17,796
N.7   Samariang 21 17,704 78 17,782 15,942
N.8   Satok 4 10,281 608 10,889 10,431
P.194 PETRA JAYA 126     48593 44169
N.9   Padungan 6 22,752 313 23,065 23,576
N.10   Pending 14 29,525 903 30,428 29,488
P.195 BANDAR KUCHING 20     53493 53064
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Plmt Sept-Nov 2012 – Debate on Jalan Jalan Luar Bandar (BM)

October 30th, 2012

Saya ingin membangkitkan isu mengenai Kod 02300 Jalan-Jalan Luar Bandar


Saya gembira melihat jalan-jalan dibina di kawasan luar bandar bagi memperbaik keadaan hidup di kawasan luar bandar. Walau bagaimanapun, Kebanyakan jalan adalah kecil dan sempit, tidak dapat dilalui oleh 2 buah kereta. Saya pernah melihat sebuah kereta terperangkap di tepi jalan dan satu lagi terjatuh ke dalam longkang. Kementerian harus mempunyai pandangan yang lebih jauh dan membina jalan yang lebih luas. Banyak trak-trak berat juga menggunakan jalan-jalan tersebut, termasuk trak yang membawa kayu balak. Ini telah membahayakan pengguna-pengguna jalan raya dan juga merosakan jalan raya. Malah terdapat jambatan di kawasan saya runtuh disebabkan trak-trak berat. Kementerian harus melarang kenderaan berat daripada menggunakan jalan-jalan ini dan bukannya menutup kedua-dua belah mata.


Saya telah melihat papan kayu digunakan sebagai asas untuk pembinaan jalan. Jalan raya ini memang kelihatan bagus pada masa baru siap, tetapi keadaan ini hanya tahan untuk beberapa bulan, kerana asas jalan-jalan ini tidak kuat. Bolehkah Menteri bagitahu saya, sama ada penggunaan papan kayu sebagai asas untuk pembinaan jalan raya adalah amalan yang boleh diterima?


Saya juga pernah melihat kontraktor yang menggunakan kayu bakau sebagai sokongan untuk pembinaan jalan raya. Sememangnya, kayu bakau yang terdedah kepada udara akan reput dalam tempoh beberapa bulan, dan tepi jalan akan menghakis. Ini membahayakan pengguna jalan raya. Bolehkan Menteri memberitahu Dewan ini, sama ada kayu bakau boleh digunakan untuk  pembinaan jalan raya?


Kontraktor-kontraktor cuba menjimatkan kos dengan menggunakan papan kayu dan kayu bakau. Mereka sebenarnya memaksa Kerajaan untuk membelanjakan lebih banyak wang dalam jangka masa panjang untuk membaiki dan menyenggara jalan raya ini.


Masalah yang saya bangkitkan bukan sahaja ditemui di Kawasan saya. Sebenarnya ini perkara biasa di Sarawak. Saya menghargai penjelasan daripada Menteri.

Plmt Sept-Nov 2012 – Debate on Jalan Jalan Luar Bandar

October 30th, 2012

Speech at Committee Stage of Budget 2013 Debate by Wong Ho Leng, MP for P.212 Sibu, on Kementerian Luar Bandar on 30th October, 2012:


Datuk Chairman,


I wish to raise issue concerning Code 02300 Jalan-Jalan Luar Bandar


I am happy to see roads being constructed in rural areas to improve living conditions there. However, many of these roads are small, and do not allow 2 cars to pass. I have seen one of the cars ended up stuck on the side of the road or even in the drain. The Ministry should be more far sighted and should construct roads which are wider. We also see heavy trucks using these roads. They carry timber logs. This has posed danger to road users as well as damage the road. Even bridges in my constituency have collapsed because of these heavy trucks. The Ministry should prohibit heavy vehicles from using these roads and not close both eyes.


I have seen wooden planks being used as foundation for road construction. Naturally the roads look good when completed, but will last only a few months, because the foundations of these roads are not strong. Can I know from the Minister whether it is acceptable practice to use wooden planks as foundation for road construction?


I have also seen contractors using bakau wood as support for road construction. Naturally, bakau wood which are exposed to air would rot within a few months, and the edge of the road will erode. This will endanger road users. Can the Minister enlighten this House whether bakau wood is acceptable for use on road construction?


While the contractors try to save costs using wooden planks and bakau wood, they are in fact forcing the Government to spend more money in the long run to have to repair and maintain these roads.


The problems that I have raised are not found in my Kawasan alone. They are in fact quite common in Sarawak. I shall appreciate some explanation from the Minister



Debate on Budget 2013

October 11th, 2012

UCAPAN PERBAHASAN Bajet 2013 Wong Ho Leng, Ahli Parlimen P.212 Sibu


Saya ingin menyertai Ahli-Ahli Yang Berhormat di Dewan yang mulia ini untuk membangkitkan beberapa isu.



(1)       Perbezaan layanan kepada Sabah dan Sarawak


Dalam Bajet 2013, sedikit peruntukan sahaja yang diberikan kepada Sarawak. Malah, Sarawak terus dipinggirkan.


Pada 16hb September bulan lepas, Hari Malaysia disambut di Bintulu. Pemimpin BN telah berulang kali membuat kesilapan tentang pembentukan Malaysia. Saya ingin membetulkan bahawa Malaysia hanya dibentuk pada tahun 1963. Perdana Menteri menyatakan bahawa Sabah dan Sarawak menyertai Malaysia pada tahun 1963. Ini langsung tidak benar. Sebenarnya, Sabah dan Sarawak menyertai sebagai rakan kongsi sama taraf untuk membentuk Malaysia pada tahun 1963. Namun, kami hanya dianggap sebagai tanah jajahan sejak 49 tahun yang lalu. Disebabkan itu, Sabah dan Sarawak telah dipinggirkan daripada arus perdana pembangunan nasional. Itulah sebabnya Sabah dan Sarawak merupakan dua negeri termiskin.


Pada hari yang sama, pemimpin BN telah mengatakan bahawa Sarawak telah diberikan autonomi yang mencukupi.


Kita tidak boleh mengatakan bahawa kita diberikan autonomi apabila kita telah diabaikan selama 49 tahun. Tiada autonomi apabila minyak dan gas telah disedut dari bawah kaki kami dan selama kira-kira 40 tahun kita diberikan hanya 5% royalti.


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October 10th, 2012





































DAP Never Called for Christian State

October 10th, 2012

Media Statement by DAP Sarawak




Former PAS Deputy President Nasharuddin Mat Isa had alleged that after the Sarawak state election, DAP held a thanksgiving event and prayed for Malaysia to be a Christian state.


The allegation is totally untrue. It is malicious and irresponsible.


DAP Sarawak is disgusted that an attempt has once again been made to make Christians the object of hate.


DAP Sarawak won 12 seats in the Sarawak state election that was concluded on 16th April, 2011. PKR, part of the Pakatan Rakyat, won 3 seats.


After the election, DAP held victory and thanksgiving dinners in Kuching, Sibu, Sarikei, Bintangor, Bintulu and Miri. We consider it most unbelievable that Nasharuddin did not even identify the event where the alleged prayer was made.


The 12 DAP candidates who won in the state election came from different religious backgrounds. We were never so carried away as to not know that under the federal constitution, Islam is the religion of the federation.


During all these thanksgiving events, all top leaders of the state committee were present. They include DAP Sarawak Secretary and MP for Bandar Kuching Chong Chieng Jen (a Buddhist) and myself (a Christian) as DAP Sarawak Chairman. Being personally present, we can state emphatically that Nasharuddin Mat Isa’s allegation is untrue.


We invited state leaders of PKR and PAS to attend all the thanksgiving dinners. They were present in substantial numbers. There was no prayer for Malaysia to be a Christian state.


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